Sparking Trends: A Look at the New Developments in E-stim Design

By Rebecca Weinberg

Most people find electrosex devices terrifying. For some, however, the fear they invoke is precisely what makes them appealing. While most of us associate e-stim toys with extreme discomfort, they aren’t only for sadomasochists. Depending on the exact devices used and the settings chosen, these toys cover a wide spectrum of sensations, from blissfully orgasmic to incredibly painful.

E-stim toys fall into two main categories: TENS powered devices and wands. Each deliver different types of sensation, and are generally used on different parts of the body for different types of play. For intensity seekers, there are plenty of variations available aside from basic starter units. Some of these maximum power toys are so new that even the most experienced electrosex enthusiasts aren’t familiar with them.

Welcome to E-stim Wands 2.0

Wands are used for sensation play on external parts of the body. Typical e-stim wand sets like the Zeus Violet Wand Kit consist of a base unit that plugs into a wall outlet and glass electrodes. When the electrode is brought close to the skin’s surface, the electrical current inside jumps to the skin. The feeling can range from warm and tingly to bitingly sharp depending on how high the power is set. While this common model is suitable for many, hardcore pain players may crave something more powerful than a starter set can provide.

The new Mistress by Isabella Sinclaire wands and accessories put a new spin on an old classic. Designed for experienced electro-players, these toys use silicone as a conductor. Electrodes made from pure electro-conductive silicone, as opposed to glass, really kick up the intensity. In fact, they are so extreme it’s best to take caution when using them for the first time. Always start off on the lowest setting and increase the power gradually. Two of the of most popular electrodes are the comb and the round mushroom shape. The comb electrode transmits electric current along a long strip of skin at nine separate points while the Extreme Twilight Round Silicone e-stim Attachment delivers a concentrated jolt of electricity.

Silicone electrodes are not only more intense, they’re durable and easy to clean, too. This makes them ideal for rough sessions. No more having to worry about breaking glass during a forceful play date or during transport. Silicone’s flexibility also makes it the perfect material for more creative accessories. The Extreme Twilight Flogger Silicone e-stim Attachment is an innovative new electrode type. Whether you drizzle it lightly along the skin or use it full-force as an impact tool, this flogger delivers bite after bite of extreme electro-domination. No matter their shape, silicone attachments emit the over-the-top sensation pain-fanss crave. They mark a new era of extreme wand play.

The Newest TENS Electro Toys Pack a Punch

Classic TENS units like the Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Powerbox consist of a base unit and two electrode pads. These are what are considered bipolar units, meaning the electricity flows between the two electrodes. Unlike wands, TENS toys are often used for extreme pleasure in addition to pain. By adjusting the settings you can select the whichever sensation you desire.

The sensation TENS toys invoke is sometimes described as prickling, buzzing, or throbbing. When adjusted for orgasm play, the wearer often feels like they are being milked to climax.  Insertable attachments for TENS units are popular and can be plugged into the base unit just like electrode pads can. They are still considered bipolar units because both electrodes are encased within the insertable.

Some of the most popular insertable TENS accessories are anal toys used by people with prostates. Although anyone can enjoy anal stimulation, prostates respond especially favorably to TENS electrical impulse. The Anal Amplifier Silicone e-stim Plug from Zeus Electrosex is a fabulous, all-purpose, larger-sized electro-plug. Made from silky smooth silicone, it can be adjusted to sensations that range from sensual to erotically intense.

Those into extreme anal play may crave something that really pushes their boundaries. The Electro Anchor e-stim Expanding Anal Plug from Zeus Electrosex combines anal stretching with e-stim for an intense experience. The flexible silicone pinches together for easy insertion. Once it passes the anal sphincter, however, it opens up inside to near double its minimum size! Similarly, the Electro Anchor e-stim Vibrating Anal Plug offers something extra. It adds a center bullet with 10 vibrating modes to the mix for even more toe-curling pleasure.

While basic electrosex toys can be adapted to most styles of play from sensual to intense, specialty items are sometimes a better fit extreme players. This is especially true for e-stim wands. The recent introduction of silicone electrodes is a game-changer for pain enthusiasts. It’s up to you to make sure they know about them. Stocking these items is important as is having them on display in retail spaces for demos. BDSM enthusiasts tend to be collectors of gear and jump at opportunities to test drive new devious devices. Once they get a taste of these innovative accessories, they’ll likely come back for more.