Cosmopolitan Magazine Zeus Feature

Be sure to read Cosmopolitan Magazine’s July 2018 issue, about Electrifying Sex! Zeus Electrosex stimulation gloves were featured to inspire their readers to spark up their sex life!

Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves

“For sensation play enthusiasts, this exciting tool will take your play to a shocking new place.”

“When attached to a power box (sold separately), these gloves send little shocks to the body parts your partner caresses.”

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In a Physical Therapist’s office, electrical stimulation is a treatment that uses gentle, low-power electric current to help relieve muscle, nerve, and joint pain. But in the bedroom, it can spark a supercharged orgasm when placed on the right erogenous zones.

Interest in this sexy kind of e-stim, or electrosex, is growing, says Coyote Amrich, director of purchasing and product development for sex-toy retailer Good Vibrations. Why? Charged products deliver tiny shock waves that pulse along your labia or your guy’s penis and titillate nerve endings deep inside the body (like the hidden clitoral “legs” that skin-on-skin friction or regular vibrators can’t directly reach). Depending on the intensity, e-stim might feel tingly or like throbbing muscle contractions, says sexologist Carol Queen, PhD-either of which can put arousal on warp speed and lead to allover Os.

Before experimenting, make sure you’re a good candidate. if powerful vibrators feel a bit too intense, you might wanna sit this trend out. And if you have some sort of heart condition, you should steer clear, says Queen. Electricity can, after all, jolt your ticker, which is why the general rule of e-stim is to never practice it above the waist. (Your spine and any area with a piercing or irritation are also off-limits, and people who are pregnant or suffer from seizures should decline).

Fired up and good to go? Order an e-stim product, and carefully read the instruction manual (many brands have online video tutorials too). You may want to apply a water-based gel, to any skin the toy will touch. This amps up conductivity and also helps you avoid burns, which can happen if currents stay too focused on a single area.

Next, put your e-stim gadget on its lowest setting, and run it along the outside of your vulva or on your pubic bone for a sexy buzz. Then try different levels of intensity to see what feels good. If your toy comes with pads (little electrode stickies that you can put on your skin), placing them on your booty or the back of your legs can increase the intensity of an orgasm, says Sunny Rodgers, a clinical sexologist and sex coach. Or put one pad on either side of your labia, near your clitoris, then get it on with your mate for sex that feels positively electric.