The 10 Best Vibrators for Couples to Use Together

Behold our best picks—just don’t wake the neighbors when you try them.

Most women think of their vibrator as a super pleasurable substitute for when their partner isn’t around, or if they’re living the single life at the moment. But this and other sex toys can make magic in the bedroom when you’re with a significant other too.

“These toys can make a couples’ sex life more fun and exciting,” says sex educator Bianca Alba, MPH. For starters, demo-ing a toy gives your partner an idea of the strokes and touches you really dig. Also, a sex toy can give you the chance to try a new sensation or type of play, surprising you with how great it feels.

While you might be intrigued about bringing one between the sheets on a special occasion, you don’t need to save them for red-letter dates like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary. “Sex toys shouldn’t be considered a novelty item,” says certified sex educator Logan Levkoff, PhD. “There is something to be said for using an enhancement that ensures orgasm and pleasure for both parties” on a regular basis, she adds.

Ready to play? Here, the experts we spoke to share their top recommendations for vibrators and toys two can enjoy together.