12 Morning Sex Routines to Start Your Day Off Right


Morning sex is a great—no, the best—way to start the day. Not only does a little AM action get the heart pumping and endorphins flowing, but it also helps you kick off the day feeling connected to your partner.

Still, lets face, getting laid before breakfast (at least on the regular) is easier said than done. Most of us don’t have the time or energy to wake up and throw down before we even brush our teeth. So, we asked some sex pros to share some of their best ideas for incorporating more morning sex into your life. Good luck, morning warriors.

Set Your Alarm for Earlier

We know…you wake up early enough as it is. But, just like a good night’s sleep does a body good, so does sex.  “So, set the alarm 15 to 20 minutes earlier than usual and plan your romp,” say Drs. Cristina Bosch and John A. Robinson of  The Hormone Zone, aka, The Sex Docs. Need more time than that? Set it for even earlier—remember, you don’t have to be fully alert: sleepy sex is plenty of fun, too.

Freshen Up

Feeling less than sexy with morning breath, knotted hair, or pillow lines on your face? If those things are preventing you from enjoying morning sex, hit the bathroom first, says sexuality expert, Kelly Connell. “Brushing your teeth and coming back to bed to kiss so you don’t have morning breath is perfectly fine.” It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable.

Take Advantage of Feeling Frisky

If you’re typically tired and not in the mood in morning, but your partner naturally wakes up feeling horny, take it as a compliment. “They find you super sexy even first thing in the morning when you haven’t brushed your teeth,” says Laurel House, resident sex expert at online sex store My First Blush. “Sometimes if you change your mind, your body will follow.” In other words, once you feel their hands on your waist, don’t be surprised if you find yourself getting turned on.

Ease Into It

The idea of waking up earlier and adding this new routine into your day—particularly at the expense of sleep—may seem a bit intimidating (or simply unappealing) at first. That’s why Connell suggests adding morning sex gradually. “Try morning sex on the weekends when you can sleep in a little and are not in such a rush to get out the door,” she adds.  Once it becomes easy on the weekends, try doing it once, twice, maybe three times during the week.

Treat Sex Like Brushing Your Teeth

You wouldn’t leave the house without brushing your teeth, so try to think about morning sex the same way.  Or think morning sex like an important appointment, says LA-based certified sex educator Anne Hodder. “Schedule sex, giving it an approximate end time so you both still have time to shower and get out the door on time,” she says.

Get Frisky After Working Out

Whether you exercise on your own or with your partner first thing in the morning, after your sweat session but before you do anything else is a great time to have sex. “You’ve increased your metabolic rate with exercise, you’re already warm and flexible, and your hormones are flaring like fireworks,” say Bosch and Robinson. “Plus, exercising together is a wonderful aphrodisiac, particularly weight training.”

Middle-of-the-Night Sex Works, Too

If you and your partner often wake up at 3 or 4AM to go to the bathroom or toss and turn, House suggests staying up for another 10 to 20 minutes to have sex. “It will let you connect and help you fall back asleep faster,” she says. “Thanks to the oxytocin and endorphins released, you’ll wake up feeling happier and more relaxed than had you skipped the sex.” So worth missing those 15 extra minutes of Z’s.

Reach for Some Sex Toys

Grabbing a vibrator, dildo, or handcuffs can help wake you up and facilitate pleasure that might otherwise take awhile when you’re sleepy. “Any kind of mini-vibrator is perfect for clitoral massage during vaginal sex; it can help orgasms come easier and quicker, as well as boost the sensation for both partners,” says Hodder. “The rumblier the vibrator, the more your partner will feel, too. Try something discreet and unobtrusive like the Mighty Pleaser by Inmi or the Mimi from Je Joue.” And, of course, heed our earlier advice about not focusing too much on orgasm—but hey, if it happens, who’s complaining?

Take Your Time Getting Up 

Instead of rolling out of bed right away to brew coffee and hop in the shower, linger under the sheets for a few minutes if you can. “Start with sleepy snuggles, and then spooning and caressing will heat things up as you become more awake,” suggests Connell. This will likely lead to more sex (if you have time!), and if it doesn’t, it’s still nice to cuddle with your S.O. before heading out for the day.

If one partner is more energetic (or naturally horny) in the morning, they can put that energy to use while the other person relaxes. Sex educator and writer Bianca Alba says, “Couples might want to make an agreement that the initiating party is the one who does the sexual ‘heavy lifting’ while the sleepy partner can take a more passive role.” Translation: For hetero couples, if the female partner is feeling frisky, she could be the one on top, or vice versa. If you’re both dragging, positions that are relaxing for both partners are also ideal, such as rear-entry spoon sex.

Try Some Shower Action

Shower sex is a great way to build physical connection and pleasure into an otherwise busy morning routine. “Since most people have to shower before work anyway, you may want to set a timer so you don’t lose track of time,” says Alba. Silicone lubricants are great when you’re in the shower because they stay wet even when exposed to water, which can ironically be drying to genital skin when combined with friction.”

Sex Up Breakfast

Find yourself with a lazy Sunday morning on your hands? Try serving breakfast in bed complete with Nutella and whipped cream, or, as Hodder suggests, make breakfast together in the buff. “Try getting up and making coffee or tea together [naked] and turn it into foreplay—just be careful not to spill anything!”