Selling Sensation Play

Selling Sensation Play
By Lynda Mort

One of the most erotic ways a couple can slow down and reconnect in the bedroom is with sensation play. Although it’s often associated with BDSM, this type of play doesn’t have to be painful or intense. If soothing and sensual is more your thing, sensation play has plenty to offer; in fact, many who engage in it don’t consider themselves kinky at all. Because sensation play has so many possibilities, it lends itself to the use of countless products – and that gives retailers quite a few options to generate sales.

The purpose of sensation play is to elicit physical sensations that heighten the body’s senses. Although that sounds simple, there is a bit of an art to it. Which sensations you use and in what order are important, and it’s essential to arouse and excite a partner slowly as opposed to just diving in with tools that may feel too intense at the onset. Just like with any other kinky or sexual situation, adrenaline and endorphins rise as the scene intensifies, so it’s important to pace your play accordingly. Think of a sensation play scene as a symphony that builds toward a final crescendo.

Sensory Deprivation
Disabling one or more senses to amplify the others can help you get the most out of sensation play. This practice is called sensory deprivation. While blindfolded, for instance, each touch, smell, taste or sound is dramatically enhanced and can render the receiver unable to predict their body’s reaction to sexual stimuli. Every sound or touch brings about a sudden and unexpected explosion of reactions and can make each act seem so unfamiliar, it’s as if it’s being experienced for the first time.

Using a blindfold is a common way to enjoy sensory deprivation. It’s not painful or intimidating and is suitable for even the most sensual players. More advanced players may enjoy something like the Total Sensory Deprivation White Leather Hood by Strict Leather. It removes sight, plus muffles hearing, which puts even greater emphasis on the remaining senses. Hoods can be somewhat disorienting and frightening to some, however, but for those into psychological fear play, the nervous excitement it incites may be perfect for really getting the blood pumping.

Sensual Sensation Tools
The most effective technique for sensation play is to use opposing sensations back to back. This could be something hot then cold, rough then soft, or hard then light. It’s also important to engage the entire body – it isn’t just about the genitals! Sensations are best received on sensitive areas like the belly, soft part of the arms and thighs, the neck, or even behind the knees.

For a more sensual experience, you can start out massaging your partner from head to toe with 2-in-1 Massage Oil and Warming Lube from Passion Lubricants. Next, running something like the MS Transfix 10 Wheel Dual Pinwheel from Master Series along the nipples, thighs and arms will really heighten senses and serve as a nice contrast to the warmth and softness of massage. A pinwheel, also known as a Wartenberg Wheel, is suitable for those into either sensual touch or pain as the intensity can be adjusted by how hard it’s pressed against the skin. Although it can look intimidating, if feels quite nice when used very lightly.

Using the Karma Glass Dildo by Prisms and Inferno Heated Sensation Wand by Master Series together is a great way to alternate between hot and cold. While the heated wand brings warmth, the glass dildo can be put in the refrigerator or freezer for an icy feel. Although these toys are made for insertion, they can be used outside of the body in a variety of ways. Gently glide them along sensitive areas switching toys every so often, and whenever your partner is ready, switch to using the toys internally to end your scene with a bang.

Advanced Sensation Tools
The Deluxe Edition Twilight Violet Wand Kit by Zeus Electrosex is a great device for those looking to take things a little further. Some shoppers may take pause at this suggestion, but assure them that used on low settings, electrostimulation wands aren’t as scary as they look. Have a display model available so they can try it on their arm to see how sensual and gentle the stimulation feels. Suggest adding the Zeus Electrosex Bodylight Twilight Wand Adapter for shoppers who crave more intensity and versatility. This accessory electrifies the receiver’s entire body and allows them to feel electricity emanate from their partner’s fingertips – it even transforms metal household objects into conductive erotic tools!

For those intrigued by electrosex play, the 6 Channel Deluxe Electrosex Power Box from Zeus Electrosex can really kick things up to the next level. This is especially true when coupled with a pair of Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves from the same brand. As the wearer glides these gloves over their partner’s body, the electricity sparks from their hands. Just like with electro wands, these toys can be used mildly for sensual play or cranked up for a more hardcore experience. Those really looking for pain can kick up the intensity of any electrosex toy to maximum by using it in conjunction with Zeus Incite Electrosex Gel.

When working with shoppers seeking something new, remind them that sensation play isn’t simply using a toy or two. The goal is to use sensations that compliment and contrast each other, engage the entire body, and have enough variety to gradually increase intensity over a long period of time. Describe different techniques and let them sample various toys so you can paint a clear picture in their minds of what a full sensation play scene might look like. The most important thing to remember is that shoppers can select from a wide variety of toys to fit nearly any budget – the beauty of sensation play is that it’s only limited by personal preference and imagination.