The Right Fit: Selecting an Extended Wear Male Chastity Device

The Right Fit: Selecting an Extended Wear Male Chastity Device
By Lynda Mort

Shopping for a chastity device can be overwhelming. When assisting buyers, it’s important to be well informed about style options, know how to measure for proper fit, and have a solid grasp of this fetish. Understanding your customer’s motivations allows you best assess their needs and help them ease into a new chastity device comfortably.

The How and Why of Long Term Male Chastity
Chastity devices are often used in Dominant/submissive relationships for orgasm control. Most make erections painful, if not impossible to achieve, and for the wearer, the anticipation of release serves as extended, amplified foreplay. This perpetual state of desire makes some men feel more committed to their submission and devoted to their partners, and many also find the humiliation factor incredibly arousing.

Those into extended chastity commonly lock up for days or weeks at a time. Dominant partners, referred to as “keyholders” in this type of arrangement, sometimes taunt their chastised submissive by arousing them to the point of discomfort. Some keyholders edge the submissive toward orgasm over long periods by removing the device every so often, stimulating him to erection but not orgasm, and putting it back on once the erection subsides. In other instances, the submissive may only be allowed sexual release once they’ve earned it by successfully performing specific tasks. Although not as common, some monogamous couples buy chastity devices simply to keep the male partner from cheating.

Chastity Device Considerations
The ideal extended wear chastity device is one that’s not only inescapable but also comfortable. Because it is worn at all hours of the day and during a variety of physical activities, comfort is the No. 1 priority and it’s not unusual for men to try a number of devices until they find what works best for them. For this reason, it’s a good idea to encourage extended wear customers to start out with a mid-priced device and expect to buy another one or two down the road. Remind first-timers that getting used to wearing a device can be challenging and may take a period of adjustment. Try suggesting pricier models to those who have already experimented with different styles, know which is most comfortable, and are ready to settle on something with more long-term last.

Extended wear chastity devices are typically made from silicone, metal or plastic and are sometimes referred to as “cock cages” and they have a number of openings allowing for ventilation, cleaning and urination. The Rikers Locking Chastity Cage, Sado Shadow Locking Silicone Male Chastity Device, and Solitary Plus Extreme Confinement Cage with Cum-Thru Plug – all three from our best-selling Master Series fetish line – are popular extended wear designs.

Some opt for specialty devices with advanced features and removable attachments like the Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage from Zeus Electrosex, or the Asylum 6 Ring Locking Chastity Cage and the Deluxe Extreme Chastity Cage with Accessories from Master Series.

Measuring for a Long Term Chastity Device
Finding a device that’s the right size for the wearer is where things can get tricky. The measurement for the ring that goes around the base of the penis and behind the testicles is the most important for long-term cages. Too tight and it will be uncomfortable, too loose and he may be able to get out of it. This area of the body is also difficult to measure accurately so this is where much of the trial and error comes into play. Luckily, many models come with two or three replaceable rings, one of which will fit most penises.

If a customer is considering a cock cage with only one ring size available, suggest they purchase a few basic cock rings first. Have them start out wearing a standard 2-inch diameter cock ring under their clothes of a few days to test for comfort. If it’s too tight or loose they should go up or down a quarter-inch until they find the exact ring diameter measurement they feel most comfortable in for extended time periods. That’s the ring measurement they should look for in a chastity device.

The length of the unstretched flaccid penis is important, too, and can easily be measured along the underside (from tip to base) using a ruler. A device that measures ¼ – ½ inch shorter than this size should be acceptably snug and anything smaller too tight. Some prefer cages with a snug fit while others like a little extra room at the end.

Unfortunately, some people never get to fully explore the exciting world of long-term chastity because difficulties with cock cage selection stops them in their tracks. Let your customers know that finding the right device can be a multistep process and they may need to allow for a potentially awkward period of adjustment. Walking customers through these considerations will help them ease into long term chastity with minimal trial and error while establishing the kind of trust and rapport that promotes repeat business.