Breaking the Stigma: Powerboxes for Pleasure

XR Brands XBIZ Column – August
Breaking the Stigma: Powerboxes for Pleasure
By Rebecca Weinberg

Electrosex is a commonly misunderstood pleasure practice for good reason: Most of us have negative associations with electricity; maybe we’ve been shocked after rubbing our feet across a carpeted floor or received an unexpected jolt from an electrical outlet. We’ve learned from experience that electricity is nothing but painful and dangerous – so why the heck would we expose our genitals to it?

Because we associate electricity with discomfort, we falsely assume electric sex play is only suitable for those into hardcore BDSM. What most of us don’t realize is it’s also one of the best ways to induce powerful – and painless – hands-free orgasms. E-stim technology specifically is so versatile that it’s perfect for both pain play or intense sensual pleasure. And you don’t need to be into BDSM to enjoy it!

What is an e-stim powerbox unit?
Often enjoyed for health and wellness benefits, e-stim powerboxes and electrode pads have been used to alleviate muscle discomfort and nerve pain. Today people buy these units with specialized settings and attachments optimized for sexual pleasure.

Standard powerbox units like the Zeus Electrosex Deluxe Digital Powerbox consist of two parts– a control box used to adjust the electrical current and two electrode pads. For sexual pleasure, the pads should be placed up to a few inches apart on a muscular or meaty part of the body. The electrical current passing between the pads can cause pleasure or discomfort depending on how high the operator sets the electrical current.

E-stim units made for erotic play can accommodate additional accessories that plug directly into the powerbox, such as the Electro Lockdown Estim Male Chastity Cage, Zeus Electrosex Anal Plug, Zeus Electro Pussy Probe, Electro Bullet, Urethral Sound, and a wide array of other e-stim compatible attachments. Other options are stand-alone toys that work without having to be plugged into a base unit, such as the Zeus Arcana Electro Vibe Wand or INSPIRE Electro Stimulation Massager.

What does electro stimulation feel like?
The sensation of electro stimulation is often described as a buzzing, pricking, throbbing or rhythmic suckling feeling. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a vibrator but has the ability to access deep tissue and nerve clusters that a regular vibrator could never reach. Most e-stim toys can be set to a pulsing beat or a constant buzz.

On lower settings, e-stim feels intensely erotic and painless. Pain only occurs when the intensity is manually turned up. On higher settings, the current feels like a biting pinch or sharp, prickling tingle and some toys cranked up to their maximum can mimic the sensation of a debilitating muscle spasm. Although this is great for those who enjoy BDSM, those using e-stim powerboxes for orgasmic, sensual purposes keep their units on lower settings. Insertable attachments make the anus or vagina involuntarily contract and release like they do during orgasm, which many find quite enjoyable.

Selling electrosex toys and powerbox units
Simply talking about electrosex isn’t always enough to convince skeptical customers to learn more or to buy. The best way to break the stigma of e-stim toys is to have a base unit available for demo. Sales associates can place one electrode pad on either side of their own bicep to show customers how their muscle involuntarily jumps rhythmically in response to electro stimulation. Once they have a visual representation, staff can more easily explain its sexual effects: “Imagine if, instead of on my arm, these pads were placed on the shaft of a penis or either side of a clitoris.” This kind of conversation piques prospective customers’ interests and more often than not, they’ll ask if they can try it on their own arms right then and there.

One zap from an e-stim toy set to low intensity usually causes curious customers’ eyes to light up and elicits a fit of giggles. Feeling e-stim on their own bodies allows potential buyers to easily imagine the pleasure it can bring to more intimate areas, and they’ll have an effective frame of reference for how these products will feel – especially when they check out specialty attachments and standalone toys.

A great e-stim toy for men curious to explore the sensation is the Zeus Electrosex Voltaic Deluxe Series, an all-in-one collection of stainless steel attachments compatible with most powerboxes. The kit includes a urethral plug, ribbed anal plug, and firm cock ring, each designed to conduct pleasant currents to three of men’s most responsive erogenous zones.

Is your staff e-stim literate?
Most people have never felt the wide spectrum of sensations electrosex devices are capable of, and this especially applies to sales people. It’s imperative that store employees and distributors be comfortable and familiar enough with e-stim units so they can educate, demonstrate and sell. Watch XR Brands’ demo videos, take advantage of training offered from traveling sales reps, and/or seek specialized instruction from sexuality and BDSM educators who visit your location teaching classes.

We all know that electrosex is misunderstood and typically reserved for the uber-kinky, but we have an amazing opportunity to show shoppers and staff members that this simply isn’t true!
The more comfortable you and your staff are with e-stim technology, the more you will dispel false assumptions about electric play and increase sales in this growing category. Busting widely believed myths about electrosex translates to more erotic pleasure for consumers and higher profits for you!