Fleshbot’s Sex Toy Of The Week: XR Brands’ Size Matters Vaginal Pump

Make Your Sex Sizzle with This Pussy Pump!


Fellow pussy owners, have you ever pumped it?




You absolutely need to try a pussy pump right the heck now. XR Brands’ Size Matters Vaginal Pump is a fun toy to add to your solo or partnered play. You will 100 percent need some water-based lube to use with this to keep your lovely lady bits from getting too irritated by the suction action of this so be sure to pick up a bottle of your fave lube with this.

You basically place the pump over your labia and pump as long as it stays comfortable to do so. The suction just engorges your labia and your clit with blood and wow, it brings all of your nerves right to the MF surface. It is amazing to back up some pump action with your favorite wand vibe or your Womanizer. OMG, the orgasms…. Plus if your partner likes to penetrate you, that suction can make everything just a bit more snug. The pump features a quick release valve to get this off your pussy in a hurry.

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