XR Celebrates 20 Years of Business Success, Customer Service & Playing Hard

XR is thrilled to be celebrating its 20th anniversary this year following two decades of steady growth and expansion. Founded in a residential garage in 1999, the award-winning company has grown to include XR Brands, one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers specializing in fetish, kink and BDSM gear, and has become the go-to source not only for quality products but also expertise for how to sell and promote these in-demand items.

XR Brands is known industry-wide for its wide array of quality products with more than 3,000 items and 38 brands – including the multiple-award-winning Master Series collection, Mistress by Isabella Sinclaire, CleanStream enema gear, Tom of Finland pleasure tools, the hi-tech, multi-function Thunderplugs line, Thump It thumping toys, Booty Sparks bejeweled anal plugs and many more.

“We’ve catered to every in-demand, underserved, and profitable category in the business with competitive pricing, strategic marketing integration and the kind of expert customer service that helps make our customers’ jobs just a little easier,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “Our signature BDSM-focused brands continue to flourish and help retailers increase revenue with next-level gear. Once shoppers ‘outgrow’ the beginner basics, they need expert brands they can depend on. That’s how XR Brands gives our supply chain an important competitive advantage.”

What especially sets XR apart – and provides XR Brands with a distinct competitive advantage – is the company’s unique knowledge of what BDSM really is, and XR Brands continues to focus its design and production on this market.

“Many of our staff live the scene and use the gear we design, develop, and manufacture,” Weinberg said. “We genuinely understand the needs and desires of the community and rather than guess or pick-and-choose which products we should make, XR Brands takes user and customer commentary to heart. We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished, and we’d like to thank our loyal customers and supporters for helping XR Brands reach this milestone.”

Weinberg and the XR team will be celebrating their 20th anniversary during July’s ANME Show with specials at the XR Brands booth, and an invite-only party will take place in the evening of July 14 to express to their customers their utmost gratitude for two decades of loyal support.