XR Brands has remodeled our showroom!

Visit the newly renovated XR Brands Showroom to get up-close and personal with over 500 unique pleasure products! Our knowledgeable team will give you a hands-on preview of some of our best-selling items in the clean, well-lit, and entertaining show space. Complete with a comfortable conference table and a big-screen television for product videos and presentations, our showroom is the perfect environment to get to know your potential inventory and craft a business plan. The new XR Brands Showroom offers merchandising inspiration for all of our collections, including a Sanitation Station, a Sensation Station, and a Masturbation Station. Test the power of our Zeus Electrosex line, handle the intricate tools and devices from Master Series, experience the suction capabilities of Size Matters, and interact with our vast range of LoveBotz machines. Book a visit today by calling (714)847-9292 or email us at info@xrbrands.com.