XR Brands Releases New Tom of Finland Lubes and Cleaner

Branded packaging will appeal to fans of the iconic artist.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – February 28, 2016 – XR Brands is proud to introduce two unique lubes and a toy/personal cleaner that will appeal to fans of artist Tom of Finland, whose revolutionary depictions of hyper-masculine gay men paved the way for men to live out, proud, and unabashedly sexual. Decorated with some of Tom of Finland’s most iconic figures—cowboys, sailors—each bottle helps you live the Tom of Finland fantasy, from the cum-scented Seaman Lube to leather-scented Rawhide lube to Pleasure Tools Cleaner, a spray that keeps your dildos and plugs ready for action. These products offer a great compliment to the toys of the Tom of Finland collection.

Cheekily decorated with an image of a sailor, Seaman Lube is white and smells like jizz, for when you can’t get enough. This slick water-based formula is as great for penetration or as a jack-off lube. It comes out easy, thanks to its handy pump top, and cleans up quickly, without a stain.

Rawhide Lube offers a different kind of inspiration, bringing the sexy scent of leather with every pump from its easy-access top. Adorned with a classic Tom of Finland cowboy, this bottle makes a great addition to any proud leatherman’s bedside table. Its clear, water-based formula is glycerin-free and paraben-free, ensuring that it won’t get sticky with prolonged use.

With its easy spray trigger, Pleasure Tools Cleaner makes it easy to wipe down your toys after every session. This unscented antibacterial formula’s packaging features a group of men enjoying a shower together.

“Our lubes have always been customer favorites, and we’re particularly proud to release the new offerings from the Tom of Finland line,” XR Brands Director of Sales & Marketing Rebecca Weinberg said. “What else would you want to see when reaching for your bottle of lube?”

Both lubes come in durable and expensive-looking aluminum containers that stand out on a shelf of lube options. All three products come with a Tom of Finland dog tag.

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