XR Brands and LoveBotz Debuts Fully Adjustable Modern Fuck Machine

XR Brands & LoveBotz Debut Industry’s 1st Fully Adjustable Modern Intimacy Machine
‘Maestro’ sex machine masters user-friendly function with stylish steampunk design

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – Oct. 18, 2013 – XR Brands and LoveBotz are proud to debut the Maestro sex machine, the industry’s first precision-crafted device to feature a fully adjustable metal frame with thrusting power of up to 300 RPM. This multi-faceted machine masters user-friendly functionality with a stylish steampunk design inspired by modern architecture to make this sex machine unlike anything ever released on the market.

XR Brands has given the traditional sex machine a much-needed makeover using all-metal construction and familiar industrial steampunk styling common in modern technology and fashion trends. Taking intimidation out of the product category, XR Brands has created an artful unit appealing to all kinds of consumers – from the new and curious to experienced and savvy.

And Maestro’s extreme attention to detail makes it easy to assemble and adjust according to height, direction, stroke speed and depth – customization never before available in a sex machine. Expertly designed to accommodate any angle, including vertical and horizontal positioning, Maestro even adapts to the user’s height and posture with easy modification.

“We are extremely proud of Maestro and the way it expertly balances form, function and familiarity,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “It’s exciting to see more adult retailers opening their inventories to these kinds of sex simulation devices, as it proves the stigma and stereotype behind sex machines is changing for the better. That’s why we created LoveBotz – to bring affordable and accessible sex machines to a market of curious consumers excited to explore.”

Maestro features a professional-grade motor that powers a rotating disc that provides a smooth and precise thrusting motion with each revolution. Users can choose among speeds ranging from 90 RPM to up to 300 RPM operated via a compact handheld controller that doubles as a mini vibe.

“XR Brands is known for creating fully branded product lines packaged for shelf appeal, and LoveBotz’s attractive styling has helped scrub the sex machine taboo,” XR Brands Brand Manager Michael Merrill said. “No longer associated solely with extreme play situations, sex machines are a part of more healthy sex lives around the world, which is why every LoveBotz design is as functional and affordable as it is attractive.”

Maestro comes with four sexy accessories – a tapered silicone attachment for anal exploration, a 7-inch realistic dildo for deep penetration, a realistic “pussy” stroker, and a double-penetration adaptor that can house all Vac-u-Lock™ and Friction-Lock™ dongs. And Maestro’s thrusting arm is compatible with most other screw-in attachments for versatility and variety. Also included is a vibrating silicone remote control that lets the user adjust speed while enjoying external stimulation.

Maestro measures 20.75 long, 11.5 inches wide, 17 inches high and adjusts from an additional 2-16.5 inches in height.

The adult retail industry has shown positive response to LoveBotz and Maestro since their July debut, and European distributor Dusedo in The Netherlands is one of the most recent to pick up the innovative machine.

“Customer response has been phenomenal and LoveBotz has inspired many national retail chains to bring this category into their inventory for the very first time and make their debut sex machine orders with XR Brands,” Alvstad said.

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