XR Brands Hosts Daily Digital #ScrewTaboo Sex Ed Training Videos with Josh Ortiz

XR Brands is pleased to announce that sex educator and brand ambassador Josh Ortiz is hosting daily digital sex ed training videos via Facebook in a series called #ScrewTaboo. These livestream events offer frank discussions about kink, fetish and sexuality and feature the latest gear from XR Brands, giving customers save access to support and information while opening their minds to new concepts and information.

As a transgender man, Josh brings a unique perspective to his trainings and has the privilege of connecting with humanity on a deep and intimate level. Each #ScrewTaboo video aims to educate about a specific sex education topic. A recent video on anal sex preparation featured CleanStream’s enema kit and focused on explaining why one might use an enema and how to utilize it safely, all with Josh’s signature sense of humor to keep it fun.

“Inclusive education surrounding sexual health and wellness still isn’t on the forefront and it’s become a valuable part of our industry,” said Ortiz, who has been part of the XR Brands family since 2018. “I do my best to meet customers where they are, shattering shame, stigma, and screwing taboo, and it’s important to understand the connection between sex toys, pleasure, and sexual expression. I get no greater joy than simply giving people the permission to play.”

Ortiz joined XR Brands as a sales representative in 2018 and has since led scores of in-person trainings. Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantines that have come with it, he has chosen to create this accessible online series and XR Brands is happy to help host it.

“We are so proud of Josh and the #ScrewTaboo series; it’s a fun and informative way to connect with customers during this uncertain time,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “Josh has a unique perspective that allows him to have a vast well of knowledge and understanding of these topics and it’s been valuable to support our brands and products with his trainings.”

The #ScrewTaboo series streams at 1 p.m. PDT live on Facebook. Follow The Dad Bod Dom for more details.