XR Brands Expands ‘Squeeze-It’ Line with New Bendable & Temp. Sensitive Silicone Shapes

XR Brands has expanded its popular Squeeze-It line of squeezable, pliable insertables with new shapes, each made of Silexpan silicone with Thermo-Reactive Technology. This unique line features dildos and anal plugs that are bendable, squeezable, and ultra-flexible to make insertion easy, comfortable, and fun while allowing users to experiment using heat and cold to enhance play.

Squeeze-It’s Thermo-Reactive Technology allows each product to be cooled in a refrigerator to make them chill and firm or warmed in a microwave for 30 seconds or boiling water for 2 minutes maximum to make them warm and comfortably pliable. The newest additions to the Squeeze-It family include the Squeezable Thick Phallic Dildo (in blue and light colors), a girthier take on the original Squeezable Phallic Dildo, as well as the Squeezable Slender Dildo (in black and purple colors). These stylized dildos feature strong suction cup bases and are harness compatible.

“Squeeze-It is so unique and customers loved our first roll-out, so naturally we expanded the line with these new SKUs,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “Comfort is important, and these soft, pliable toys give shoppers a uniquely soft yet durable insertable that contours to the user’s body while also offering fun with temperature play. These capabilities make each Squeeze-It shape feel like two toys in one, which is a major value add. Squeeze-It has done well since its debut and we are excited to offer new shapes and colors that customers are sure to love.”

Squeeze-It also features two dildos: the Squeezable Phallic Dildo (in dark and light colors) and the Squeezable Wavy Dildo (in pink and purple colors) as well the Squeezable Silicone Anal Plug (in small, medium, and large sizes).

Squeeze-It packaging has been thoughtfully designed for an eye-catching cohesive look that makes for great hanging or shelf displays. Online assets are also available.