XR Brands Debuts 3 New Male Stimulators From Best-selling Trinity Men

New designs enhance prostate massage, masturbation & erection strength.

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – May 20, 2014 – XR Brands has introduced an expansion of the best-selling Trinity Men collection of sex toy essentials and accessories made for men. Featuring a new silicone prostate exerciser, vibrating jack-off sleeve, and taint-tickling cock ring, the new Trinity Men has everything retailers need to cater to the unique needs of men who know what they like and want it now.

“We made Trinity Men to be retailers’ one-stop shop for stimulators and accessories that men of all sexual lifestyles love to use, all cohesively packaged to attract the target consumer,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “Featuring a sleek, yet gender-neutral look, Trinity Men appeals to men and the people who love them and are affordably priced to be accessible to the masses. These three new additions round out the selection with high-quality construction and advanced sensations for fans who are looking for the next best sex toys to try.”

The Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser is a premium anal massage tool perfect for maintaining prostate health and enjoying intimate stimulation. Contoured to follow the natural curve of the male anatomy, this 100% silicone massager provides pleasant pressure to the prostate while making contact with the perineum for simultaneous sensations. Made to move with him, the Silicone Wavy Prostate Exerciser stimulates with every thrust and motion for hands-free satisfaction.

Vibrating Jack Off Sleeve is a sleek and durable penis sleeve with textured ridges and a unique compact vibrating motor that transforms the stroking experience. Enhancing sensation, increasing tightness and introducing vibrating massage, the Vibrating Jack Off Sleeve is a must-have sex toy that turns masturbation into a main event.

The Captain Taint Stimulating Cock Ring is designed to help maintain strong and long-lasting erections with the added benefit of perineum stimulation. Its unique teardrop-shaped extension hugs the taint and pleasantly massages the sensitive area with every movement the wearer makes. Made of TPR, the Captain Taint Stimulating Cock Ring fits snug for reliable and effective erection enhancement.

XR Brands is the industry’s first manufacturer to develop quality comprehensive product collections that provide retailers with fully merchandised product lines catering to a variety of in-demand categories. Through modern functional design, quality and cost-effective production, and dynamic packaging and merchandising, XR Brands offers customers eye-catching and exciting brands at the industry’s most competitive wholesale prices. Since 2007, the company’s award-winning team of experts has created best-selling and internationally acclaimed collections that cater to every sexual interest, from intimate massage to advanced BDSM play, and offers retailers easy and effective ways to accommodate the needs and desires of consumers of every sexual level and lifestyle. XR Brands also has made fetish and niche products approachable to retailers and consumers looking to grow in new and exciting directions with fully merchandised brands in the electrostimulation, enema and anal cleansing, enlargement, bondage, sex machine and advanced fetish categories. Most recently XR Brands named 2013 BDSM Pleasure Products Company of the Year by adult media outlet XBIZ.