Virtually Perfect: A Review of the LoveBotz iFukVR Stroker and Headset

By M. Christian

An affordable and easy-to-use product set for VR sex beginners.

A man without a shirt wears a VR headset while lying down and holds a male masturbator in one hand.

Guys interested in dipping their fingers into the world of interactive VR sex often face one mood-killing obstacle.

It’s not the VR rig because it’s not that hard to find a quality smartphone-based one, and it’s not challenging to find a—shall we say— a male-focused device to use while being immersed in the action.

Nope, that main obstacle is control. Think of it this way: you’ve got your VR goggles all set, you’ve got your sex toy all prepared, you’ve found some nifty adult content—but to change anything about what you’re watching you have to take off the rig, take your phone out, do what you want to do, and hopefully get back to being turned on.

This is where the folks at LoveBotz come in with the nifty iFukVR Virtual Reality Stroker. The device was sent via adult retail site TooTimid in exchange for an honest review.

You get (almost) everything you need

In addition to control, which we’ll get to in a moment, with the iFukVR you get practically everything you need for VR sexytime.

Headset wise, you get a rather nice smartphone rig. Using it is simple: just take your smartphone, slot it in, and you’re all set to go.

LoveBotz gets kudos for not scrimping on this part of the kit. As far as smartphone rigs go this one is pretty sweet: it’s comfortable, easy to configure for the optimal viewing and even comes with a cleaning cloth in case the lenses get smudged.

Hands-on approach
Next up is the interactive part of the kit: the stroker part of iFukVR Virtual Reality Stroker. To be honest, I first thought it wasn’t working—but then realized that it wasn’t an automatic piece of tech but instead was a manual one. Putting it coarsely: you gotta do the stroking.

In addition to the VR headset, the stroker, a brief manual and the downloadable games, the box comes with a micro-USB cable to charge the stroker’s controls.

It’s all about control
Now we get to iFukVR’s all-important thing: with your headset on your noggin, the stroker all ready to stroke, you can have a blast—and, most importantly, you can change what’s happening without having to pull yourself out of the immersion.

Set on the side of the stroker are a set of four buttons (plus one for power) that allows the user to, you guessed it, control some of what’s happening in their two included games

For example, in the MVL Anime Stroker game one button will remove (or replace) the clothing on the anime-style female you’re interacting with, another changes the posture, a third brings the action closer, and the final says it all: the “orgasm” button—for the girl, that is, as you have to handle your own.

The second game, Makevlove, features clips of live-action girls in a variety of sexual activities—all shown from the viewer’s perspective. Again, the buttons on the stroker can affect the action, though really just to skip forward, back, and—again—get to the girl’s climax.

The bad with the good
The iFukVR box also comes with a manual which, to be honest, was a bit of a headache. The language is rough and often confusing but, more than anything, they but had no idea of how to explain some pretty important things about the contents.

Even worse is that the font is so small that I had to get out a magnifying glass. This all would be moot if they had a good site that could answer questions but, weirdly, I couldn’t find help online.

It’s worth mentioning that the games aren’t all that great, though they aren’t bad either: the options, especially character creation in the anime title, are really limited and the live-action clips equally don’t offer a great deal of variety.

Still, considering what this system was created for, and the stellar job they’ve done linking them to the stroker, you can’t complain too much.

Another nice feature is neither the stroker nor the headset need apps. After all, you can stroke to anything—and the headset can be used to watch VR porn on a lot of sites and apps.

What a package!
Sure, the iFukVR Virtual Reality Stroker is far from delivering the absolute limit of high-tech sexual adventuring. But it does what it’s built to do: be an affordable and pleasant introduction to the world of virtual reality erotic entertainment.

More than anything, it offers a neat solution to that immersion killing control problem a lot of erotic VR toys have.

In short with the iFukVR Virtual Reality Stroker, you can drop yourself into a neat little erotic experience and, aside from changing characters and the like, never have to come out.

And what could be better than that?