Sex Machines 101

Sex Machines 101
By Lynda Mort

At first glance, sex machines look intimidating. If you’ve seen one in an adult film, it was likely an expensive piece of machinery that required some skill to operate. This isn’t the only kind of sex machine that exists, however; there are sex machines made for every skill level, gender, and budget, and some even feature special technology to give the experience a high-tech twist.

Most consumers consider sex machines to be out of reach or not even something to consider shopping for, often because they don’t know how many options are out there. And that’s where store staff come in – it’s essential that shoppers know not only how accessible sex machines can be, but how many incredibly pleasurable experiences they can have. And the first step is making sure that you and your staff know the ins and outs of these high-power, high-pleasure products. So let’s bust some myths!

Myth: All sex machines mimic rough penetration.
Fact: While some devices do penetrate, it’s not always hard and fast – and others perform different actions.

By basic definition, a sex machine is a mechanized device used to simulate intercourse or oral sex. They can rotate, thrust, or suck. Some must be held in position while others are hands-free, and some portable options, like the Robo Lick 60X Plus Rotating Dual Stimulator, offer an oral sex experience with the addition of a built-in probe. The wheel of lapping tongues mimics oral sex or nipple play and the bonus vibrating probe can be enjoyed as an insertable or to incorporate additional external stimulation.

Myth: Sex machines are made for women.
Fact: Anyone of any gender can use a sex machine.

When it comes to machines that penetrate, gender doesn’t matter. Anyone who has an orifice they like played with can use an insertable machine, and it’s important to remember that many sex machines are made to stroke, suck, or provide external pleasure. The Strobe Multi-function Rechargeable Stroker is a popular favorite that mimics the sensation of a blow job, and the Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine incorporates a unique suction sensation that includes attachments that adapt it to suck nipples or clits.

Flicking wheels like the one on like the iGasm Spinning Stimulator for Him or Her aren’t just for simulating cunnilingus, of course. The tongue-like flickers can be used on any part of anyone’s body, including the penis or testicles, and this machine in particular comes with an extra attachment that engulfs the head of a penis.

Myth: All sex machines are loud, large, and expensive.
Fact: Sex machines come in different styles, sizes, price ranges, and volume levels.

Most of the machines we’ve discussed so far are small and relatively quiet, and there are plenty of those types to choose from. There are also price options to fit every budget – from less than $100 to exceeding $1,000. And for folks who want the traditional heavy-duty piece of machinery they’ve seen in adult videos, there’s the Maestro Multi-Faceted Sex Machine. This classic premium device is completely height and speed adjustable and designed to penetrate the user hands free.

Another common style is the Saddle Deluxe Sex Machine, a larger heavier device that the user straddles. The cushioned surface holds in place a special vibrating dildo that sports a wide, textured base into which the rider can grind for additional stimulation. Both of these deluxe toys are on the larger and more premium end of the fucking machine spectrum.

Myth: Sex machines are made for solo masturbation or to replace a partner.
Fact: Any kind of sex toy that requires one person to operate can be used with a partner, including sex machines.

Even the iFuk Virtual Reality Stroker, a device that enables users to interact with virtual lovers, can be enjoyed with a partner. Suggest curious shoppers to use this kind of sex machine to transform lovemaking into a voyeuristic scenario in which couples can watch each other seduce – and be seduced – by sexy strangers. Partners can join in by stimulating other parts of the user’s body to make it a virtual threesome, and the same can be done with a machine that penetrates. A lover can control the machine or perform additional sex acts simultaneously, like double penetration, and offer an exciting next-level experience. The possibilities for sexual adventure with a sex machine are endless – it just takes a little creativity and imagination.

When talking with customers about sex machines, remember to help dispel their misconceptions. Most consumers think all sex machines look like the stereotypical pieces they see in videos, so be sure to remind them they can be so much more than that. With a little thinking outside the box – and help from educated store staff! – most buyers can find a unit that will fit their budget and lifestyle.