Q&A with XR Brands Director of Sales and Marketing Rebecca Weinberg About Sex Machines

With ANME right around the corner, XBIZ sat down with Rebecca Weinberg, Director of Sales & Marketing at XR Brands, to discuss sex machines. Continue reading to see the whole article.

How long has XR been making sex machines?
XR Brands launched the Lovebotz line of fully branded, packaged, and merchandised sex machines in January of 2013.

Around how many sell per year?
While we don’t reveal sales data to the public, I can tell you that Lovebotz has been one of our steadiest-growing brands in the last 4+ years with new automatic masturbators, thrusters, milkers, ride-ons, affordable portable devices, and large-scale machines regularly being added to the catalog.

What separates your machine from others on the market? Comparisons? Differences?
Lovebotz took the sex machine category out from under the veiled “kink-only” stigma and introduced a fully branded, merchandised, and competitively priced brand dedicated exclusively to mechanical sex. We have the large-scale machines that many are familiar with, but Lovebotz also features portable, concealable, and less conventional sex machine options that fit a range of lifestyles and price points.

Sex machines were once reserved for specialty markets and kink-only retailers, but LoveBotz broke the barrier with sleek designs, clean engineering, and retail-friendly packaging. Lovebotz inspired many national retail chains and boutique stores to bring sex machines into their inventory for the very first time and place their debut order with XR Brands, which was an exciting honor. Because XR Brands is known for our expertise in BDSM , fetish, and unique product manufacturing and marketing, our customers trust that Lovebotz will deliver exactly what their customer bases are looking for with sales support they need to promote the products.

Do you offer more than one style of sex machine?
Yes. You can view the full lineup at https://xrbrands.com/Merchant2/category/lovebotz.html?search1=*

You’ll notice the wide range of styles, sizes, and price points, everything from handheld auto-strokers to customizable standing machines, each item build with stability, power, and dependable motion. Lovebotz sex machines are built to provide specific results using unique stimulation methods – smooth-motion thrusting, thrumming, swirling, sucking, milking, and more.