Master Series Makes Waves With Distributors Worldwide

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.—XR Brands’ Master Series collection of unique tools and toys for advanced players has been picked up by many of the top distributors in theU.S.,Canada andAustralia. These extreme boundary play devices have opened doors to new methods of sexual exploration and the world has taken notice.

XR Brands welcomes Sideline Sales, Nalpac, Superior Products, Eldorado, VDan Sales and as U.S. distributors; IT Erotics as Canadian distributor; and Topline Sales as Australian distributor.

“Though Master Series is an advanced line, it has hit a cord with distributors and retailers worldwide as it fills a niche that was lacking until now,” XR Brands General Manager Randy Alvstad said. “This collection is designed to appeal to an existing demographic of experienced users looking for a matching set of clamps, urethral sounds and other devices catered to their sexual lifestyle. And that’s where the Master Series comes into play!”

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