LoveBotz discussed on The Johnny Dare Morning Show

XR Brands’ Director of International Marketing & Business Development Michael Guilfoyle joined Kansas City’s The Johnny Dare Morning Show to discuss our high tech line of pleasure robots, LoveBotz! From automatic male strokers to fucking machines, the LoveBotz line has a range of products designed for next-level pleasure. 

If there’s one this whole Covid Shelter At Home stuff has done, it’s brought out the freak in bedrooms the world over…and if anyone is benefitting from all this freakiness, it’s the sex toy industry!!
And while some folks are content with your normal vibes and rubber dongs…some people…shall we say…have upped their game to a frightening degree!
And that’s where our friend Michael from comes in!!
At Lovebotz you can find some of the most spectacular and expensive sex toys on the market…from high dollar lifelike sex dolls to f**k machines that will jackhammer even the biggest freakazoids into submission!!

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