INTERVIEW: Rebecca Weinberg, General Manager of XR Brands, on her collaboration with Curve Toys

XR Brands and Curve Toys have been working together for a number of years, and now, the two companies have decided to take their business relationship to the next level: From now on, even more XR Brands products will see the light of day in Curve’s production facility in North Hollywood, California. Rebecca Weinberg, General Manager of XR Brands, tells EAN how this close relationship evolved and which advantages arise for the trade, from this collaboration in particular, and from products bearing the label “Made in USA” in general.

XR Brands recently struck a strategic partnership with the manufacturer Curve Novelties. How did this cooperation come to pass? 
Rebecca Weinberg: Curve Toys approached us earlier this year with the proposition as they recognised the synergies that could be achieved by partnering with a company like XR Brands. We have been a large customer of Curve Toys for some time, so they already knew how easy we were to work with and we knew there were synergies to be had with the alignment. Curve Toys pursued the partnership with us as they recognised the strength and position of our company as well our built-in admirable business model.

Why did XR Brands choose Curve Novelties for this cooperation? What makes this manufacturer stand out for you?
Rebecca Weinberg: There are many factors that went into our decision making. As a Veteran, helping to directly support and create U.S. jobs was my personal first and foremost motivation in the cooperation. Other factors also were considered including unforeseen tariffs on imports coming down the pike, gaining added control over the quality of our production, and making a strategic move to counter some of our competition that has been outsourcing production out of the U.S.

Which role did the  current US policies regarding China have to do with your decision to manufacture more products in the US?
Rebecca Weinberg: Although it fits the storyline, our move to manufacture more products in the USA was definitely not based on the US policies regarding China. It was however, mainly based on expanding our wheelhouse, capabilities and offerings as a company.

How important is the label „Made in USA“ for your customers?
Rebecca Weinberg: I believe Made in USA products are held in a very high regard by our customers worldwide. They know that USA regulations on manufacturing, materials, cleanliness, quality and labour laws carry a very high standard and therefore produce a superb product. One of the benefits that come from this partnership is an expansion of XR Brand‘s private label business.

Could you tell us more about this program and how your customers can benefit from it?
Rebecca Weinberg: XR BRANDS has a strong Private Label program. We are very excited to have the opportunity to offer high quality MADE IN USA products. Customers will benefit from products manufactured with top quality formulas, competitive pricing and exclusive designs for their Private Label brands.

Which trends are shaping the current market in your opinion?
Rebecca Weinberg: The market in my eyes has exploded in so many different directions. Stores are becoming more progressive with a heavy focus on educating their customers on inclusion, sexual awareness and acceptance. E-commerce is a big pie where entrepreneurs are popping up every day to take a piece. New materials are being created on the manufacturing side and the creativity continues to evolve and flourish in the products being launched. Distributors are diversifying and finding new ways to service their customers.

How does XR Brands decide, which products to manufacture next and which aspects are most important to the company when it comes to product development?
Rebecca Weinberg: One of the keys for our Product Development process is the great communication we have with our customers. We listen to their suggestions and feedback to create and develop new products. It is very important to keep customers happy. Good quality, innovation and price, are some of the aspects we consider when developing new products.

How is the company‘s philosophy reflected in its products?
Rebecca Weinberg: The company’s philosophy is to work hard and play hard. Play hard in the sense that we want our customers to “play” using unique fetish products. As in the past years, XR Brands will have a booth on eroFame this year.

What can the visitors of the show expect from you there and why should everybody stop by at your stand?
Rebecca Weinberg: This year at eroFame we will be debuting a new line; Mistress by Isabela Sinclair, A beautifully designed line of genuine leather bondage accessories and toys designed by the world-famous Dominatrix herself. In addition, we will also be debuting an amazingly priced line, Booty Sparks, a full assortment of aluminium alloy gem, rose and heart butt plugs all offered in 3 sizes each. The most exciting and fun item which will be predominantly displayed in our booth will be the Ass-Spinner butt plug which essentially is a spinning light up fidget spinner anal plug. Definitely will be a big highlight for us.

Where should retailers turn to, if they would  like to sell XR Brands‘ products in Europe?
Rebecca Weinberg: XR brands is distributed by some of the top distributers in Europe. Because our line is so vast, over 1,200 products, retailers are encouraged to email us at so we can point them to the best distributor to service them.

Could you give us a preview of which new collections or products we can expect in the near future?
Rebecca Weinberg: XR Brands never ceases to excite with launches of new products every week. We will soon be expanding our very successful Made in USA lines; Jesse Jane and USA Cocks. Customers can expect 4 new Jesse Jane items by years end. USA Cocks which will be debuting at eroFame for the first time this year will also see some new additions in the coming months, soon followed by an exciting Make America Cocky Again marketing campaign. We’ll be on the search to find the most “American” cock out there to cast mold him as a toy.