Getting to Know Power Tool Toys

By Rebecca Weinberg

Do you own power tools like a drill or reciprocating saw? Not only can you build handy things with them, but with a little adaptation you can also construct amazing orgasms. Power-tool-driven sex toys have existed long before XR Brands started making them, but at home-versions require some special attention to detail (and safety) that not everyone thinks about. Now that professionally made versions of power-tool-type sex toys are more available and consumer interest continues to grow, we need to get acquainted with their benefits and get comfortable with talking about them to consumers.

Simply put: many power-tool sex toys have more oomph than some of the expensive, stand-alone sex machines and are simply easier to hold and maneuver. They are also more economical, making them perfect for those looking for a sex machine experience on a vibrator budget. Another thing they have over sex machines is versatility. They can penetrate, flog, lick, or stroke.

Can I use the powertools I have at home for sex?
Yes, and no. Can you use them as-is for sex? Absolutely not. A reciprocating saw blade or sharp drill bit pointing anywhere near the body isn’t safe or sexy. You can, however, use the handheld motorized base of these tools to power specially designed sex toy attachments – but use caution if you’re a newb.

One thing to consider before using your power tool base for fun in the bedroom: is it clean? Drills may not normally take much of a beating but reciprocating saws often do. They are commonly used to cut wood and as a result are covered in debris. If the thought of sawdust near your naughty bits isn’t appealing, you’re in luck. Some drill- and reciprocating-saw-driven sex toys are sold as an entire unit, base included. Buying one of these ensures your power tool toy is always clean and ready to go.

The Thrust-Bot Handheld Multi-Speed Sex Machine from Lovebotz is a great all-in-one sex saw unit. It comes with a cordless reciprocating saw motorized base, a metal adapter rod, and a dildo. The dildo and adapter rod fit into the base where the saw would normally go, and at full speed, this sex saw delivers 2,000 RPMs of pounding pleasure. For those that already own a suitable base, the Fucking Adapter and Fucking Adapter Plus Dildo can be purchased a la carte.

Why use a “sex saw”?
Not only do they thrust faster and harder than any human being can, they are particularly amazing for G-spot play and female ejaculation (aka squirting). The G-spot is located about 2 inches inside the vagina; when stimulated properly, it can produce toe-curling orgasms and induce ejaculation. The trick is it takes repeated, hard, steady, thrusting pressure with a curved instrument to make the G-spot sing, which can be difficult to keep up with a penis, hand, or even other types of sex toys.

A sex saw’s 2,000 RPM speed and shallow thrusts are the ideal speed and pressure for G-spot play. It also sports a trigger control, allowing the user to easily customize the speed. Fortunately, products like the Thrust-Bot comes with a bendable dildo that can be modeled into the perfect shape to hit the G-spot. Of course, this toy can also be used anally.

What about drill adaptable sex toys?
When it comes to drill toys, there are quite a few attachment options available. The most common is the dildo attachment. The Power Spinner Portable Sex Machine from Lovebotz is an all-in-one unit that is sold with the drill, attachment arm, and dildo. It features a speed range up to 1,350 RPM and has more than 16 torque settings. Like the sex saw, it’s controlled via trigger, is rechargeable, and cordless.

Drills offer quite a few more innovative attachment options. The Pleasure Attachments for Power Spinner from Lovebotz is a set of two accessories: One is a stimulating stroker with a textured interior designed to swirl around the head of a penis and the other is an external stimulator perfect for simulating cunnilingus. It sports 15 lapping tongues and a bundle of tantalizing ticklers.

The Auto Flogger Whip Attachment For Drills from Lovebotz is a very unique toy. It provides consistent, non-stop impact play with the pull of a trigger. The flogger attachment has 16 faux leather falls that are more than 7 inches long and is great for delivering an intense beating without breaking a sweat.

Who would have thought that power tools were more fun in the bedroom than they are in the garage? Whether you choose to add an attachment to a tool you already own or buy an all-in-one unit, power tool sex toys can take your sex life to a new and intensely powerful level.