Getting Down with CBT

By Rebecca Weinberg

CBT is an acronym often associated with cognitive behavioral therapy or computer based training, but in the BDSM world, CBT stands for none other than “cock and ball torture.” Those few words are enough to strike terror in the loins of some grown men (and their partners), but it’s pure, unadulterated delight to some kinksters.

There are many creative devices that have been developed for cock and ball torture. Some are more severe than others and the spectrum of preferences is large – which is why it’s essential not only to be familiar with the kink, but also to stock a good variety of products with which to enjoy it. But first, let’s get down with CBT:

What’s the appeal of CBT?
As many of us know, the penis and testicles are jam-packed with nerve endings, and when stimulated in extra-intense ways, the intense sensations can set off an endorphin rush that feels like a natural high. Stimulation from CBT also facilitates increased blood flow to the genitals. That engorgement, combined with the adrenaline rush from play, can confuse the brain to the point of processing pain as pleasure.

CBT also increases sensitivity, upping the pleasure game even more, and many devices are designed specifically to alter the body’s natural orgasmic process in order to intensify the sensations. For example, some CBT devices are designed to keep the testicles from moving closer to the body at the point of orgasm, which can intensify climax.

While CBT can be incredibly enjoyable, it is crucial that players are aware of and understand the safety considerations. Since circulation issues are one of the biggest concerns, never cut off circulation completely and don’t compress, pinch, or bind the area for more than 20-30 minutes at a stretch. If loss of color, sensation, or swelling occurs, remove all CBT devices immediately. Never squeeze the penis too hard, especially when erect, in order to prevent damaging the interior erectile tissue (aka corpus cavernosum), and though the scrotum and can take a beating, squeezing the testicles too forcefully could be harmful to their overall health.

As a general rule when performing CBT, proceed slowly. Increasing intensity and pressure gradually, rather than going too hard at once, because injury can occur if you twist the penis and testicles too much.

It’s normal for the genitals to be a little sore after CBT. Most describe it as a dull ache. If it persists for a long period after play, it might indicate there’s something wrong. Watch out for other issues like blood blisters or swelling. If any of these symptoms persist, see a doctor immediately to rule out something serious, like testicular torsion or rupture.

CBT Techniques & Devices
While hands or basic BDSM toys can do the trick, most players get the most mileage from dedicated CBT toys. Which toy is best depends on the type of play desired: ball stretching, ball crushing, electro-torture, genital bondage, and piercing are all popular options.

Ball stretching is great technique for beginners and there’s no better CBT toy than the Ball Stretcher with Leash by Strict for those new to the technique. As the play partner tugs on the leash, they can customize the amount of pressure the wearer feels while enjoying a pleasant sense of intimate control. Bonus that this item is made from PU Leather, a lightweight easy-to-clean material that’s ideal for novices.

The Extreme Enforcer Humbler with Ankle Restraints by Master Series is a wonderful option for those that like the sensation of ball stretching but also desire more restrictive bondage options. Think of it like colonial-style stocks for the testicles: The device stretches the wearer’s balls between two long pieces of wood, which feature attachment points that connect to ankle restraints (which are included in the package). This setup keeps the wearer bent in a kneeling position and at their partner’s mercy.

Ball crushing is another option. As a starter device, the Cock and Ball Crusher by Master Series is an ideal choice. Its transparent acrylic plates can crush either the cock and balls or only the balls using two wingnuts for precise adjustment according to the wearer’s preferred discomfort level. A more advanced version of this toy is the Crush Electro Ball Press CBT Board by Zeus Electrosex. In addition to wingnuts, it houses an electro stimulator with 10 modes and 6 intensity settings, which makes it very versatile and capable of delivering a wide range of possible sensations.

When looking at more advanced devices, the Fiend Stainless Steel CBT Piercing Chamber by Master Series is multiple BDSM toys in one. It’s a lockable ball stretcher and torture device, and it even has an attachment for a leash or weights. The device features sharp, pointed screws on either side of the crusher, which can be twisted and tightened to dig into sensitive skin mercilessly. Another *very* advanced piece is Master Series’ Ball Press Chamber, a device that looks unassuming at first but can be quite painful. The user places his testicles in the hollow chamber and, using a corkscrew-like T-handle, he or his partner slowly twists it to descend a steel disc on to the testicles, gradually reducing the amount of ball-space inside the chamber. Only experienced CBT practitioners should use this because it can cause serious injury if applied improperly.

Now you understand a bit more about why CBT is so enjoyable and what implements are best for different experience levels. Remember: be sure to carry a wide variety of items that produce different sensations and always keep beginner-level and advanced-designed options in stock. But more importantly, keep employees educated and well-versed in CBT – enough at least to maintain a conversation with shoppers, should questions come up. Everyone on staff should be able to help customers select the right implement for their desires and skill set. Once you have these important elements in place, you’ll be an invaluable resource for CBT enthusiasts.