Everyone is talking about Sex Rooms

Recently, there has been a lot more talk in the mainstream about spaces specifically set aside as a place for intimacy in its many forms. Call it what you will – sex room, dungeon, play room, etc – these spaces are definitely gaining traction and becoming more common. This has never been more clear than with the recent release of the Netflix show How to Build a Sex Room.

The show is one much like many other interior design shows, but with the spin of it being specifically about helping couples of various types build the play spaces that suit their specific needs and desires. From furniture designed for intimate purposes to filling the space with toys, all sorts of items are necessary for building spaces of this nature.

We were very excited to find a variety of our own items shown in the series. Items from Master Series, Strict Leather, Frisky, and more can be seen across the 8 episodes currently airing.

Here’s just a few:

In the finished room for Taylor and Ajay in the first episode, you can see our Strict Leather Three Layer Slapper hanging on the wall beside the red bondage horse among the other impact play toys.

In episode 2, our Frisky Deluxe Black Out Blindfold is used during a scene where the host is facilitating communication between Raj and Ryan.

In the finished room for Bettie and Brody in episode 6, you’ll see our Strict Leather Locking Wrist and Ankle Spreader Bar on the wall full of restraints next to the bathtub.


In the finished room for Jesse and Melanie episode 7, the Captive Cobra 6 Piece Bondage Set, the Collar and leash out of the set are displayed on a mannequin in one of the rooms atop a red feather boa. The rest of the set is also shown in the scene, one of the pairs of cuffs hanging on the “throne” and the other sitting on one of the benches.


In the finished room for Tracy and Gary in episode 8, they have our Strict Leather Premium Sex Sling (Stand and chains not included),


We also carry many items similar to those shown in the show that aren’t ours. There are many items – restraints, impact toys, vibrators, nipple clamps, etc – that we have many versions of, but also some more specific items that there aren’t as many options for. For example, the sex positioning couch shown in episodes 2 and 5, and in the finished room for Hannah and Wesley in episode 3.

This couch is similar in shape to our Master Series Kinky Couch Sex Chaise Lounge. It comes in both black and red, and includes 2 positioning pillows and 4 velcro cuffs with straps that attach to the sides and bottom of the couch for endless amounts of kinky fun!

XR Brands offers a wide variety of accessories that can outfit a sex room in style. We hope to see a second season of How to Build a Sex Room coming soon, stocked with many more of our award winning items!