7 Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

Here is a guide 7 travel-friendly sex toys experts choose for their getaways


First thing’s first — you should never (ever!) be ashamed of your sex toy collection. As a way to improve your experience solo and with a partner, these products are designed to help you better understand your sexuality and your personal journey to the big “O.” But if you’re taking a vacation for a week, going on a stressful work trip, or even traveling for a few months, you might not want to lug around a bulky dildo in your carry-on bag. Luckily, there are plenty of compact — yet dynamic — sensual buys that will allow you to relax and achieve orgasm, no matter where your wanderlust (or your job assignment) takes you.
Here is a guide to the ones sex experts choose for their getaways.

1. The LELO Liv 2.

Unless you upgrade to a luxury resort or you book an Airbnb all for yourself, there’s no way of predicting how thin the hotel room walls will be at your destination. That’s why sexuality educator, counselor, and consultant Kelly J. Connell M.S. Ed, C.A.S.H.S.E recommends LELO products. Thanks to their smart design, they’re super quiet, and if you’re only away for a short day, their long battery life means you don’t have to add extra weight with a charger. The LELO Liv 2 is ideal if you’re someone who likes to vary stimulating your clitoris and your G-spot, as it has pulsating settings for both.

2. The Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator.

If a last-minute flight deal has you stepping out of your comfort zone on a spontaneous weekend trip, you don’t want to pack too much to weigh you down. A few tops, your deodorant, a swipe of mascara, and this vibrator that looks like lipstick. Sex expert Collen Singer recommends this bullet vibe that is effective but not fancy or complicated. “It only has one speed but is very powerful nonetheless. It is also completely waterproof if you are in for some fun in the tub at the hotel,” she adds.

3. Satisfyer Pro Traveler.

For sex educator Gigi Engle, vibrators and oral sex aren’t location-dependent. For when you collect your next passport stamp, pack along this positively rated vibe. “The traveler comes with a special case designed to cart it around. You don’t have to worry about airplane modes or anything complicated. It won’t turn on inside the case,” she shares.

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4. Aria by Climax Elite.

Much like the shape of your hips or your preference for red wine over white, everyone’s lady bits are contoured differently. This means women aren’t a one-size-fits-all model for vibrators. In fact, some are aroused by a curved toy instead of a straight one. If this sounds like your g-spot, certificated sex educator specializing in sex toys, Anne Hodder, ACS suggests this appropriately-named toy from Climax Elite. What makes it a must-buy for your suitcase? Made of soft, flexible silicone, it won’t break or make a sound as the airline throws around your luggage.

5. The We-Vibe Sync.

After filing away the deadlines and setting your out-of-office message, you and your partner are finally ready to hop off the grid. Regardless of whether it’s a just-because vacation or one that you’re hopeful will stimulate your connection, sometimes toys can help you take your intimacy to the next level. Singer says this powerful and versatile g-spot and clitorial vibrator is not only super-tiny, but it encourages couples to experiment together. Using a wireless connection, your partner can control the movements, giving you the opportunity to direct him or her to the sensitive spots and pressure points you crave. Not traveling with your number one lover but for a business meeting? He or she can also help you orgasm by logging into the app — wherever they are.

6. Mini Fleur by Wand Essentials.

Happen to have a career that’s made you a platinum level traveler on most airlines? For when you’re crossing the country to woo a client or taking a transatlantic red-eye to celebrate a deal, you’ll want a dependable, steady vibe that offers variety. Hodder recommends this wand massager that’s only four inches long but big in pleasure. It comes with three vibration speeds, a flexible neck, and contoured head — all of which permit you to explore your body as much as you trek the world.

7. The JimmyJane Form 2 Clitoral Vibe.

Even when you’re on a beautiful oasis somewhere in the South Pacific, there are bound to be chaotic moments of traveling. From navigating a new airport and translating a new language and currency to adjusting to time zones, sometimes you need something other than a cocktail to take the edge off. For a vibrator that gets the job done fast, Singer says to turn to this highly-rated vibe from JimmyJane. She explains it was created specifically for powerful clitoral stimulation and is often reviewed as the “most powerful, dual-motored” on the market. The Form 2 offers two motors, allowing you to, “pinch, squeeze and surround the clitoris in sensation,” she adds.