This is a test of vzaar embed code without using a third party plugin.
I used the Labels on vzaar to tag lovebotz videos and am playing with their api code to see how it displays when embedded on a website. If this is workable for us, it will mean less maintenance and updating. It also means we can label and unlabel videos in one place on vzaar so that we can control embedded playlists all over the web not just one on site. It means we will not have to edit potentially hundreds of individual web pages or code just to update/add/remove a video.
It also means we can share the playlist player with our customers who sell our goods.

one video

same video using vzaar old javascript src, doesn’t work

using playlists

advanced video links for example: that we could use dynamically.

advanced video links
animated thumbnail
poster frame
download video
basic embed code (api call)
?JavaScript embed (api call)

The following is done without the plug in and comes straight from the vzaar api, it calls in a playlist (made by labeling the videos. Videos may have multiple labels too! So very useful!.